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Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX

A Professional Cleaner You Can Trust!

Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX is a locally owned and operated carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider serving the residents of Greater Houston, including Galveston County, Harris County and Brazoria County for more than 10 years. Our staff of trained skilled team members are carefully chosen on a professional and personal level. We're dedicated to providing you the best service in the Southern region of the Houston metropolitan.

Ordering a carpet cleaner means letting a stranger into your home, and we are fully aware of that. Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX technicians are aware of their responsibility in a client's home. When we leave, you'd be more than happy you called us in, and not someone else. We'll provide you a cleaning service like no other, with top grade equipment and an ever-lasting smile.

When our technicians first arrive, they will perform an overall inspection of the target area. Before continuing on with their work, a detailed explanation of the services required and a price estimate will be given to you. We know that not everyone is familiar with carpet cleaning terminology, so please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Our staff takes great pride in carrying out a job well done, from start to finish, and a job well done equals a happy customer!

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Clean Look, Fresh Smell, New Feel

Carpet cleaning is more than simply making your carpets look good. It's about making them, and you, feel good too. A professionally cleaned carpet will remove harmful particles from your carpet. Wouldn't you like your carpets to be free of:

  • Harmful pollutants
  • Ugly stains
  • Noxious odors
  • Pet dander
  • Insect remains
  • Mold and mildew
  • Dust, dirt and soil

Experts in Steam Carpet Cleaning

Upon arrival, our carpet cleaning technician will determine the level of cleaning your carpets require. Removing stains often involves extra work and additional cleaning detergents. Sometimes a deep cleaning process would be required to go all the way through your carpets fibers. In the worst cases, we may be required to replace a part of the carpet or the padding. Deep Cleaning is very efficient at reaching the very depths of your carpet's fibers. In rare cases, we also employ the dry cleaning method, which is similar in results to the steam cleaning method, but it is considered to be quicker and involves a pre-treatment. Both options' results are dependent upon the problematic area and your technician will discuss with you the best treatment to use.

Tailored for Your Cleaning Needs!

Some carpet cleaning companies will do everything they can to make you pay more. They may offer unneeded treatments, claim they charge more for the size of room you asked to be cleaned, or that the little stain in the corner will have to be treated with a very expensive stain remover. They give a bad name to all carpet cleaners.

At Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX, we make sure to offer only the cleaning services you need, and at the best prices. Out cleaning technicians will inspect your carpets and furniture, and offer you several levels of cleaning that will suit your needs.

We at Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX are looking forward to your call, so pick up the phone and find out about our seasonal specials now!

Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of cleaning services for your home, and provide you with a complete cleaning bundle so you get all your cleaning needs in one appointment, from one company, with the same great results. Another advantage of bundling services together is the awesome price - you bundle services together, and we'll give you a discount for every service you add. It's worth it!

Here's a list of services we offer:

  • Carpet Cleaning - Professional carpet cleaning by skilled and trained technicians. The carpet cleaning will be done with hot water extraction. We also offer additional treatments such as stain removal, carpet stretching and deep carpet cleaning.
  • Upholstery Cleaning - Onsite upholstery cleaning, using steam cleaning to make your furniture look as good as they did when you bought them. We'll make sure to remove and dirt and dust, as well as get rid of stains and residues stuck on it. If you have pets, the furniture cleaning will also remove pet odors, dander and fur from your upholstery.
  • Rug Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX offer two types of rug cleaning - onsite or at our rug cleaning facility. An onsite cleaning of rugs is the same as carpet cleaning, only more careful since in most cases rugs are more delicate and need a more attentive handling and cleaning. If the rug is super delicate or needs a more thorough cleaning, we will take it to our rug facility. We offer FREE pickup and delivery of the rug from and to your home, and a full cleaning process by rug experts which will leave your rug refreshed and renewed.
  • Other Services - in addition to the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning, we can also provide you with:
    • Dryer Vent Cleaning
    • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    • Mattress Cleaning
    • Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Cleaning
  • Extra Care Services - Deep cleaning, stain removal, fabric protector, pressure washing, Move-in / move-out cleaning and more!

Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX Service Area

As a local owned and operated business located in Galveston County, we offer our services to several locations in addition to La Marque TX. Here's a list of locations we serve in the eastern part of the Greater Houston metropolitan:

Galveston County - La Marque, Texas City, Santa Fe, Algoa, Dickinson, Bacliff, San Leon, Bayou Vista, Kemah

Brazoria County - Hillcrest, Alvin, Friendswood, Pearland, Brookside Village, Manvel

Harris County - Houston, South Houston, Pasadena, Almeda, La Porte, Nassau Bay, Webster, Deer Park

We also serve large areas of Houston, so don't hesitate to call us at 409-359-4131 if you aren't in the areas mentioned above.

Questions Clients Ask Us

Our staff at Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX has heard it all, seen it all and cleaned it all. We know you have lots of questions (after all, who wouldn't?), so here are some answers regarding our cleaning services:

  • How long does carpet cleaning take? From the moment we arrive at your home, the cleaning can take anywhere between half an hour to a full day, depending on the size of the cleaned area, its condition and whether we're cleaning carpets or upholstery or both.
  • How long is the drying time after the cleaning? The drying time after the cleaning is between 3-6 hours in the La Marque TX area, depending on weather. In very cold weather the carpet drying time is longer, and on hotter days the drying time of the carpet is much shorter.
  • What cleaning equipment do you use? We use hot water extraction for the cleaning, which is also the industry standard. In addition, we may use other equipment such as a rotary brush, a vacuum and other professional cleaning equipment. We also use a variety of cleaning agents and solutions which make the job a lot easier.
  • Do you clean only carpets and furniture? No, we also clean rugs, air ducts, tile & grout, dryer vents and more. Basically, if it's made of fabric - we can clean it.
  • Who are your staff? Our staff are a dedicated team of cleaners, who were trained and taught to be the best cleaners in the La Marque area. Our cleaning technicians are professionals, with vast knowledge. They know how to clean every fabric, fiber and upholstered item you may have in your home.
  • Do you clean offices, or only homes? We clean residential properties and commercial properties. We can clean your office, restaurant or any other business. We can also create a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule so your business will look great at any time, and not just every few months.
  • How much does it clean to clean a carpet? The biggest question of them all. It really depends on the size of the rooms, the condition of the carpets, and how much stains are there to clean.

The Best Carpet Cleaning - A Phone Call Away

What are you waiting for? Call 409-359-4131 now to schedule your cleaning appointment with Carpet Cleaning La Marque TX.

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